Novels Written by Patricia Lee Gauch

The Green of Me
The Green of Me   Jennifer stands up to her first love and discovers that she has her own journey to take.
Fridays   At fourteen Corey Martin discovers Friday nights, boys, new friends, and a combination that is about to explode.
Night Talks
Night Talks   M’Lou and her two suburban friends encounter Margaret, an inner-city girl, and mistakenly try to help her.
Morelli's Game
Morelli’s Game   Jerry and four most unusual friends are off on a bike race across Pennsylvania when they are stalked by motorcyclists. The question is, who will be the hero of this face-off!
Kate Alone
Kate Alone  Fourteen year old Kate and her brother J. love their family dog McDuff together, but when McDuff bites her sister’s boyfriend, it is Kate alone who is forced to make a heartbreaking decision.