Picture Books Written by Patricia Lee Gauch

Christina Katerina and the Box (illustrated by Doris Burns) Christina takes the lead, turning a refrigerator box into a castle, a racing car and dance floor. Inspired by my inventive daughter, Weekly Reader Club selection for over 15 years.

Christina Katerina and the Time She Quit the Family (illustrated by Elise Primavera) The lively Christina, driven crazy by younger brother, changes her name and sets up a home within a home.

This Time, Tempe Wick (illustrated by Margot Tomes) Folktale-like story based on the real Tempe Wick who during the height of the Revolutionary War stood up to a mutiny at her own farm by hiding her horse in her bedroom.

Thunder at Gettysburg (illustrated by Stephen Gammell) A dramatic story of the three-day the battle at Gettysburg, told through the eyes of Tillie Pierce, a 9 year old pulled into the war by mistake. (Husband Ron’s favorite)

Aaron and the Green Mountain Boys (illustrated by Margot Tomes) Aaron, grandson of the Bennington innkeeper, finds a way to help at the Battle of Bennington during the French and Indian Wars.

Dance, Tanya (illustrated by Satomi Ichikawa) Little Tanya is a bystander as sister Elise dances, until one day, sleepily, she dances a solo, surprising everyone.

Bravo, Tanya (illustrated by Satomi Ichikawa) Tanya finally gets to go to dance class, but discovers she dances best when she dances to her own music.

Tanya and Emily in a Dance for Two (illustrated by Satomi Ichikawa) Emily is a dancer’s dancer, perfect, Tanya is Tanya, but together they dance with the animals and dance the best dance of all. Opposites attract!

Poppy’s Puppets (illustrated by David Christiana) Poppy the puppeteer can’t get the new puppet to dance until he sees her eyeing the clothesline; she becomes a beautiful tightrope dancer, surprising all.

New: The Knitting of Amelia Elizabeth (illustrated by Barbara Lavallee) Everyone loves the knitted Amelia Elizabeth, but she is so generous, she almost knits herself away. Luckily she saves herself in time.